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Very North Scandinavian

I was born and grew up in Camberwell, London. My first job was with the Customs and Excise, but I soon found myself in an office in Bond Street, translating patents from German and French.

I spent a couple of summer holidays hitch-hiking around Europe, and standing on street corners busking. I met a girl in northern Sweden, and here we still are.

After 22 years as a qualified language teacher (English and French), I decided to give translating another go, since people were always giving me translation jobs anyway. So in 1996, I put the chalk down, bought a computer, and started ELEX. Luckily, the girl, whose husband I became many years ago, knows a thing or two about bookkeeping. Unlike me.

We know a lot of other gifted translators, which prompted us to make our company, ELEX, an agency. If you want something translated from Swedish into any language, or English, Finnish or German into English, then try us. We even provide all the languages you would expect to find in Northern Scandinavia, including four Sami (Lappish) dialects.

Paul Fischer

Vi erbjuder förstklassig service till kunder både i och utanför Norrbotten.

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